Employment Opportunities

"Support our Troops", it is not a mere slogan. A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas Texas is stepping up to support America’s troops in a very real way by initiating an aggressive recruiting campaign aimed at supporting our troops who were denied their previous jobs upon returning home from the war on terror.

A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas Texas has announced a new hiring program aimed at giving returning troops employment and career opportunities. We need good people, and there are none better than our men and women in uniform.

A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas Texas is well on it's way of becoming one of the leader's in Crime/Trauma Scene Clean Up Services in the Dallas, Tx, Ft. Worth, Tx, Fort Worth, Texas. Due to continuous diligent training, A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas Texas are experts in the field of Crime/Trauma Scene Clean Up Decontamination Services of Homicide, Suicide, Accidental and Natural death as well as Clandestine Meth Lab cleanup, Emergency Response to (WMD) Bio/Chemical Hazardous Materials clean up due to terrorism. This is due to our rapid response, professionalism, compassionate and caring service.

A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas Texas strives to treat each client as they would their own family members and/or friends. Our goal is to take a terribly tragic situation and in our own special way bring a little light in from the darkness.

A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas Texas is made up of highly skilled emergency services personnel (Firefighters, Paramedics, Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel) who have joined together to fill a large void in the clean up of Hazardous Materials, Bio-HazMat, Drug Lab Operations Clean-Up, Emergency Response to Terrorism.

A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas Texas is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

We are dedicated to returning a traumatic scene back to a safe environment. We will rapidly neutralize, decontaminate and remove all hazardous waste and associated debris left behind at the scenes of Accidents, Homicides, Suicides, Trauma, Accidental/Natural Deaths, Drug Labs, Chemical Spills as well as the clean up, removal and disposal of materials related to WMD.

A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas Texas decontamination specialists are NOT electricians, plumbers, carpet cleaners nor carpenters. A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas Texas will remove and dispose of the infectious contaminated source, to restore the premises back to a safe habitat and/or environment.

Our technicians are specially trained and equipped with state of the art equipment to respond 24 hrs. a day to any location within the Dallas, Tx., Ft. worth, Tx., Fort Worth, Tx. areas.

Once at a scene, our decon specialist technicians will decontaminate, clean, remove and disinfect the area for such things as HIV, Hepatitis A, B & C; tuberculoses and numerous other infectious (blood/air borne) pathogens. During this process we are in strict compliance with the recommendations of OSHA, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), City, County & State Departments of Health, and Environmental Conservation, as well as adhering to the Texas State Public Health Laws.

Once the infectious pathogens have been eradicated we will take immediate steps to return the residence, business, or automobile back to it's original state prior to the incident.

At the conclusion of the abatement/restoration process we will offer step-by-step assistance with the filing of insurance claims or assist in seeking reimbursement from the Crime Victims Board.

We do everything possible to make a bad situation a little better for the families, friends or property owners and to help speed up the healing process.

For anyone that is interested in a career as a Decontamination Specialist, we highly suggest getting the best possible training available at the

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