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How much does this cost?
In regards to cost, most incidents are covered by the Insurance carrier. Every incident differs, it is very difficult to give an estimate over the telephone sight unseen. We would need to come to the premises to give you an estimate (FREE ESTIMATE). Since there maybe a high probability of bodily fluids traveling below the surface, we would need to decontaminate, remove and lawfully dispose of all materials that may be effected.
How soon can you clean the premises?
Our team of highly trained decontamination specialist technicians are available 24/7/365 including holidays at NO additional charge. We are ready to respond to any given incident with Rapid Response. We will cater to all your needs and work around your schedule.
Can I sell / rent or re-occupy the premises?
Yes you can sell and/or re-occupy the premises immediately once we have completed our task(s). We will supply you with a "Letter of Clearance" stating that the premises has been decontaminated, cleaned and all materials effected were lawfully disposed of with a federally regulated medical waste treatment facility. This letter will give you comfort knowing that your premises have been remediated by Trained and Certified Professionals who are registered and licensed with the State Dept. of Health and Safety.

The decontamination specialist technicians of Crime Scene Clean Team are annually trained and certified to Cleanup Blood, Cleanup Death, Cleanup Trauma and all types of incidents related to a homicide, suicide, accident, unattended death or undiscovered death whether it be a crime scene or trauma scene.

To Clean Up Blood and Clean Up Death or any type of Trauma Scene Clean Up, Crime Scene Clean Up can be potentially dangerous for anyone without the proper training.

The Crime Scene Cleaners and Trauma Scene Cleaners of Crime Scene Clean Team are an elite group of crime scene cleanup and trauma scene cleanup decontamination specialists nationwide offering our expertise in numerous areas of emergency and non-emergency remediation and/or decontamination of any and all contaminates related to:

Crime Scene Clean Up -
     Tear Gas
     Finger Print Dust
     Law Enforcement Forensic Chemicals
Trauma Scene Clean Up -
     Accidental or Unintentional (Natural) Death
     Cleanup blood and bodily fluids
     Remove death odor

Our nationwide network of crime scene cleaning and trauma scene cleaning professionals will decontaminate, clean, remove and lawfully dispose of any and all potentially infectious bio-hazardous medical waste (clean up blood, bodily fluids) associated with death or any type of trauma situations.  

Our company recognizes the need to have blood-borne pathogens and body fluids decontaminated and removed, and the accident or crime-scene area cleaned safely and professionally. Our services are very discreet and we are sensitive to your needs. We at Crime Scene Clean Team believe that the client comes first, and we will take every precaution to ensure your safety while at the same time ensuring the safety of your neighbors.

Crime Scene Clean Team is a family-owned business located in the Southern California area. We have determined that there is no other service in this area which provides a professional and safe way to decontaminate and clean up body fluids that may carry viruses such as AIDS/HIV, HBV, HCV and TB. We have been recommended by the law enforcement agencies in our area and can provide letters of recommendation from prior clients.

The founder of Crime Scene Clean Team (David O'Brien) has received numerous certifications over the past few years. David O'Brien along with the entire Crime Scene Clean Team adhere to all Federal, State and Local codes and regulations regarding extensive annual training. Crime Scene Clean Team would like for the public to feel safe in their respective communities. That is what this service is all about.

Trauma Scenes Pet Odors Suicides
Homicides Crime Scenes Decompositions
Industrial Accidents Vehicles “Trash” housing
Animal Droppings Human Feces Jail Cells and Cruisers
Meth Labs Tear Gas Pepper Spray


A Proud Member in Good Standings of http://www.NABRTA.org

North American Bio-Recovery Technicians Alliance


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