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Catering to the Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Law Enforcement

Suicide/Homicide/Accidental/Natural Death

Any and all deaths can be quite traumatic. Traumatic experiences can be quite devastating to anyone be it a family member, a friend, employer or landlord. No one should be subjected to deal with the remnants (remains) left behind after a crime scene or trauma scene. A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas will respond 24 hours a day to Help Trauma Victims to Restore Their Lives by decontaminating, removing and lawfully disposing of the potential infectious (disease) waste at these crime scene and trauma scenes. A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas is properly trained to remove the potential infectious materials according to all State and Federal guidelines. A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas will either help and/or handle the entire process of filing your insurance claim from start to finish. A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas work's closely with private and public insurance adjusters for homeowners, auto, and commercial insurance policies.

Decomposition/Odor Removal

Sad as it may be, unfortunately some of the elderly have no one to check in on them. Friends and/or family members are not always near by to look in on them, so their unfortunate death may go unnoticed for quite sometime. A residence of someone that has been forgotten and/or not visited for a short amount of time who has passed away will have an ungodly stench (odor). This malodor can be extremely difficult for people to handle. It is nearly impossible to remove this type of malodor. A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas decontamination specialist technicians are highly trained in this type of odor redemption technique. Serious caution should be adhered to when entering these types of premises since there is a great potential of disease within (Bloodborne and Airborne pathogens). The odor associated with decomposition is quite overbearing and nauseating. A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas will respond rapidly to destroy and remove odors caused by bodily fluids, decay, putrefaction, odorous gases, decomposition and odors caused by various malodor problems. A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas utilizes solvents and solutions which are EPA registered and bio-degradable along with commercial grade ozone generators. In most cases, if need be we will remove structural materials (walls, flooring, concrete slabs, furniture, drapery, clothing, etc.) which most likely would be contaminated.

Roadway/Freeway/Walkway Clean Up

With diseases such as Hepatitis which can live outside the human body for 7 days (DRY BLOOD) and for weeks (WET BLOOD), this problem is a severe public hazard, therefore Fire departments who have responded to trauma scenes where blood and or bodily tissues were "washed down" into storm drains are no longer a procedure. A1 Clean The Scene of Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas is well equipped with vehicles which have new high powered pressure washing, steam cleaning equipment to completely disinfect, clean, decontaminate and remove bloodborne pathogens.

Other Services

* High Pressure/Steam cleaning for bloodstained Roadways / Walkways

* Emergency vehicle (1st Responders) clean up/decontamination  

* Bird/Rodent droppings (hantavirus) clean up/decontamination

* Automobile cleaning (Suicide/Homicide/Urine/Feces/Vomit)

* Transit Authority grounds clean up/decontamination

* Sharps/Hypodermic needle recovery and disposal

* H5N1 A Influenza (Bird Flu) Decontamination

* Drug Lab clean up and decontamination

* Jail Cell clean up and decontamination

* Distressed (Pack Rat) property clean up

* Fingerprint dust/Tear gas removal

* Chemical Spill clean up

* WMD clean up